Look upon my mirror
I reflect so many things,
Trees, moon, stars and cirrus
Can these be the only things?

I am no more a shallow beauty,
For I can shine back truth.
I am deep in wisdom,
My gift for all who gaze at me.

I am life.
Take of me,
Drink deeply and accept love.
Copyright © 2006 Ann Marie Meadows (Poetry.com)
Copyright © 2009 Ann Marie Meadows (Lulu.poetry.com)


Broken Heart

A broken heart lies open,
Tears pour forth and emotions flow like rain.
An opening like a water main,
It flows and flows without slowing.

Broken heart why do you weep?
Is there a gate that can be closed?
What have sad eyes gazing without sight,
filled so with silent gems?

Love, love it aches.
Long and sore the chasm
Love and pain keep it open
Love and the heart will not close soon.

Copyright © 2010 Ann Marie Meadows
Dec 6, 2010, For Bella.