The Ideas

Florida Faerie Festival, 4th Annual…a thought

Ah to be free like a child…

To be aware of the magick, the noise and no noise of the fae.

To be surprised by the dashing from creatures of the underbrush!

Was that a squirrel or a fur covered fairy flying fast and furiously away.

No prying eyes shall see the fae, or so they think!

May our youth and innocence show us, that which is hidden.

…ah the fluttering of wings…Image


Out of the Closet

Out of the closet,
and into your lap
What are you gonna do about that?

Let me grab my broom and my hat.
Jump on the back baby!
Away we go, just like that!

Fly into the night
Pick twinkling lights
Grab some stray moonlight
Cast a spell on me tonight

Out of the Closet, and into your lap.
Spells and Magick floating on air
I’ve got my broom and my hat.
Jump on the back baby,
Away we go! Just like that!