About Me

Definitely a work in progress. (Hence my tagline in the header)

My blog is an outlet of random observations, short stories, and quotes. My Gemini mindset flits about and takes in so much stuff that the output is more a ‘piece of this and that’. There is even poetry that I wrote ages ago, feel free to peruse.

Wishing for space in my head to find more random things to view, talk about and see. The soul that floats and roams but looks for more quiet harbor.

9 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. And, thanks for reading “The interrogation,” as well. You may already know it’s part of several similar stories I refer to as conversations, which I have collected under a new page called appropriately, Conversations. That link is at the top of my pages.

    If you have the time, would you respond to the following questions?
    1. What in particular did you like about “The interrogation?”
    2. Was there anything you did NOT like?
    3. Was there anything you did not understand?

    Thanks. Feedback like this helps me to improve as a writer.

    1. Hi Skip.
      Sure, will give you a review.
      1- I recognized the type of conversation. I’d been lucky to have known my older family members. Quirky and yet sad but makes me smile because it brings back memories.
      2- was there anything I did not like? Absolutely not. Many would say you make them uncomfortable. But for me, well I understand that with age and sage advice sometimes come the bittersweet lapses.
      3- nope. See (1). 🙂

      Just keep writing. Have a great week.

      1. Thank you! Even if it’s not to say “great work,” I appreciate commentary. May I suggest you do the same as your posts increase? Anyone who “likes” a post, go back and ask them why. You will appreciate the input, as I do yours.

  2. I like your philosophy and tag line (similar to my own?). I think a blog should be an outgrowth of our inner process and so I look for blogs like yours so I can learn how people think and “metabolize” the same world that impinges on me. Thank you for stopping to comment and following me. I look forward to more from you.

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