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Challenge #5 – Overthinking

Well the last challenge has finally come. Thank goodness in many ways that the Challenges were only 5! This last one was something that seems appropriate in being the last one. This one, in my opinion, goes hand-in-hand with the previous challenges. But it lay hidden in the background and not hogging the lime-light. In the end, Overthinking was not as hard as the other challenges.

The main thing that Overthinking has shown is that it excacerbated the other challenges. I overthought the process. You could say I did ‘Overthink’ on each one. The thought process was catharic and allowed for all sorts of mental and emotional release. A healing of sorts, in that memories, emotional entanglements, mental anguish and physical reactions all got a chance to have their moment in the sun.

Overthinking, has brought about delays in decisions and I do not mean procrastination. Delays in emotional release of anger, regrets, love, hate etc. The spectrum of the human condition that you can put yourself through. Can you sense all the things that needs attention and give it equal attention? No. You cannot. Obsess about the needs and there is ‘overthinking’ appearing.

What do I take away from this Challenge?

  • Wasting too much time in the thought process and not enough time in the doing process.
  • Go out and do things no matter how small they are, they are a joy that only you can measure.
  • If you think it, you can go do it and have joy in the energetic return that it brings. As long as it brings you happiness, and maybe a small smile that only you understand.
  • Worrying about the ‘Will it go right?’, ‘Will it get done?’, ‘Can I do this?’, ‘Should I do this?’ etc. phrases, is more than enough time to toss those thoughts into a circular bin.
  • Do a challenge once, even if you never do it again.

Be your best friend, be the one that hears your joys, sorrows, dreams, hopes and embrace all that. Invite in the thoughts, and hear them well. Plan out your spontanity and go for it! Overthinking was slowing me down and I wanted to listen and do. The only overthinking I want to do, is the future remenicencing that I will share with family and friends down the road. I want to be the storyteller that shares in the wonders and joys of things done, not washed in somber shades of regret.

Thank you all for being on this journey. And if there was one from the list of “5 Things to Quit Right Now” that you missed feel free to use the links to check those previous topics. If you decide to tackle 1 of the 5 feel free to share, how you overcame it.

Love you to pieces,