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New Year – New Word for 2021

Choosing the ‘Word’ for an entire year was new to me last year. Remembering how awed I was to find one that spoke volumes, was powerful. This year its time to stretch out and grab a new one that fits like a comfy jacket, but you find is not comfy at all. One meant to make you break the mold and go outside those boundaries you may have laid up this past year. I took a few minutes to clear my mind just to ask it the question, “What word will define your endeavors this year?”, and will you embrace it no matter what.

I started with deep breathes and felt the words just float up like low eddies of leaves in a stirring wind. I plucked at a few, and more as they swirled into view. Then let go of many, back into the current dissolving away. Power words flowed quickly and slowly, most felt and tasted like warm cup of cocoa and so I knew it was a word from my comfort zone. One floated around and swished around my feet and caught my eye. I saw this fiery edging on this word, and it was so powerful, and outside of my comfort-zone. One word – ‘brave’.

There it was, pulsing in all its beauty, not dressed up screaming all in CAPS but lower case. Gentle looking yet powerful. An extrovert by nature and happiest making others laugh even if I am the brunt of my own humor. Seeing this word makes me shiver unsure how we will get along. Taking another deep breath, making myself step towards ‘brave’ edged in fire’s glow makes me scared enough to run. With that feeling of risk and breathlessness I intuitively embrace it. It will breathe life into my dreams and stoke the flames of my shy creativity higher this year. Deep down there is no overthinking this. This word inspires you to leave second thoughts behind.

Brave means different things. It means be assertive, work on boundaries, and believe in yourself. There will be more to uncover this year, no doubt. No one else will know what that single word means to you, but you. This year it is all about ‘You’, your knowledge, your craft, your love, and your creative soul. You again reach for your word, but it does not scorch or wound, but fire you up and make your eyes glow and your inner soul sing.

I took a moment to just inhale and exhale the word in that one breath… ‘brave’. Thereby allowing it to solidify its presence into my essence. A decision that is unchangeable and already sweeping in and burning a new path in this ‘bravenew year.

What is your word? What is your “brave”?


11 thoughts on “New Year – New Word for 2021”

    1. Thank you Andrea! It was uncomfortable but it was meant to be. And change well I guess TPB thought it was time for me to take some steps forward! 😊

      1. Hello da-AL,
        Thank you. ‘Courage’ is a powerful one indeed. It can be applied in so many ways. May it bring surprises in all you do. 🌞😎

    1. Thank you. It is giving me a little worry. But it is all about pushing outside of my comfort zone. And TP, I’m sure are cheering me on.
      Heck, I’m cheering me on!! 😂

  1. Isn’t it funny how a word can just take us in? As if glowing neon in a way we’ve never seen before, even though it’s a word we’re familiar with? My words are nourish and cultivate. They came as a matched pair and wouldn’t separate so I’m keeping the family together:). Here’s to your bravery and my self-care!

    1. It is! And all the others that popped up ‘felt’ wrong in a subtle way. This word it is definitely something that I have to keep in my toes about!

      I don’t know what interesting tidbits will appear this year but sure will not be boring!! 😁

    2. And nourish and cultivate, I can see those two going hand in hand. Self-care is a definite medium to cultivate and be in the moment with. 😁 Be well!

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