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“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.” ~ Helen Keller

This quote struck me in the face with the word ‘vision’. How can we live in such a creative world and sometimes just lack the need to connect to the creativity of it? I see myself as sometimes being blinded by the technology where we cannot live life or function in this world without all the gadgets we surround ourselves with. Some of those gadgets are the creative tools and I am not downplaying those needs. We have grown so dependent on them though. The part I talk of is the brain’s primary role of creativity. To which we have given up control and forget to just daydream. That is the link I speak of. Sometimes we need to be present in the moment and give ourselves over to the energy and thoughts of creativity.

I have been blinded myself, having lost sight of the joy of being creative or a visionary. Writing, daydreaming, painting, drawing, and I have pursued some as temporary curiosities. One should see, to dare, to put oneself into the future energy. And that is a quest worthy of pulling back into my life. Pluck it from the ether, give it relevance, breath life into it, and do not waste another minute of it circling without purpose.

Covid-19 has put us into fear-mode. We are survivors, each and everyone of us on this planet. We are global and we have tapped into the creative sides of ourselves this past year. Yes, we are survivors and this will continue for longer than many of us would like. So I choose, to add a slice of ‘vision’ to my space. I will re-introduce myself to it like an old friend and see what ‘fires’ we can birth. I choose, to be able to be creative. I choose, to be able to give what gifts I have a life. I choose, to be in the here and now. I choose, to wake up and remove the blinders of my existence. I choose, not to be blind anymore.

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Once you lift the veil from your eyes you cannot unsee what is before you.  Be a ‘visionary’, bring that to life and give it a voice.  Paint it, draw it, sing it, sculpt it, take it and mold it into the most beautiful creative vision of your soul. Let creative energy flow, reach through you and guide you to being a mortal creature with vision. Let the divine sparks grow brighter and may the fleeting bursts shine so bright that it propels you to seek that inner ‘visionary’.

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