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Challenge #2 Recap -“Fear of Change”

Okay it’s been a long, long time between the start of Challenge #2 “Fear of Change”,  I knew that it would be hard. Yes, and a veritable beast it has been to me and still continues to be. But!…Yes, I have been working on it. I get up and go to work. I take deep breaths and then some more. I look at the stuff I’m doing and take a walk, process and I come back and tackle it bite-by- bite.

It is interesting, because I think the Universe is laughing at me and still continues to feed me more challenges in this genre. Well then, months have passed and still things are shifting and changing. I’m pretty sure that are many of you who are also feeling the same thing. Ever since I started these challenges, I’ve noticed nothing is constant. Things (loose term, I know), are still fluttering over and under buoyed by the ever-changing winds. Old challenges look to be overcome, I just think that they are taking a back seat for the moment so that new challenges can come in. Yet they are there, waiting for us to return to them and get on with it.

Since “Fear of Change” is still a constant hum in my ear, I’ve decided enough is enough and let it go to the back seat. It’s time to try another challenge from that little list of 5 that I started with last year. The list goes: [1-Trying to Please Everyone, 2- Fearing Change, 3- Living in the Past, 4- Putting Yourself Down and 5- Overthinking].

So, which one do you think should get the nod for attention? Well if you read my previous posts, you’ve noted I mention them in the same breath as ‘bad habits’. So the next offender is #1 “Trying to Please Everyone“! (roaring crowd in the background!)

Okay, so doesn’t sound bad, but sure looks bad because it was listed as number one in the list. But by my estimation it will be difficult too. We live to please lots of people. And strive to not fall off that horse on the carousel as it goes round and round.

With that, wish me luck and lots of it. I’ll try to not offend the masses that I work with, or live with. And when I check back in, as least you’ll know I’ve made it through without being alienated. Humm, well, let me check that, I might be alienated. (Thinking out loud) But would that be a bad thing, you think? Sometimes I’ll have to say ‘No’.

Change does not happen in a day.




5 thoughts on “Challenge #2 Recap -“Fear of Change””

  1. Oh, I feel your pain. I’ve been ticking off my own challenges, using the Gene Keys as a guide. And it’s funny how when you decide to focus on something, the Universe cooperates by throwing as many situations containing that challenge at you as possible:). Such cooperation, eh? 🙂

  2. My problems too, every one on that list except putting myself down overtly, anyway. I think women put ourselves in a box and thus down without realizing it. I am trying to overcome that.

    All of these are ongoing struggles. Overthinking — that one is a biggie for me. I overthink everything and it is exhausting. I am so glad you made this list because it forces me to confront these issues in myself and makes one neat place to consider them.


    1. Hi Beth,
      How are the challenges going?
      Which one did you pick to start with?
      Hope you are doing well and check back soon.

      All the best on your Challenges, or as I like to call them ‘bad habits’.


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