Fear of the Unknown

Some of this is is rumination and some may seem rhetorical. I consider the below just my observations and opinions from my side of the window.

Image result for Fear pictureOkay “fear” that ugly 4-letter word. “Fear of the Unknown”. It is one of those icky things we have facing us on a daily basis. Well all I can say is that I’m getting tired of trying to forget it, acknowledge it and talk my way through it.

Weekly I check in on Facebook and try to keep up with my friends. I’m seeing a trend of sickness, “fear” of losing the job, or “fear” of not getting a job and a cringing kind of “gird-the-loins” version of courage that remind me of the Lion from “The Wizard of Oz”. (Don’t misjudge, I love the Lion!)

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I scratch my head at times perplexed, wondering what has happened. Why this sudden constant stream of the above issues? I see the trend but can’t conceive of what is at the root of so many things going awry. Some physical responses, of course is just common sense, such as getting sick is just that. We catch the germs and “Boom”, laid low for a while.

Watching and reading I’m seeing it (Fear) become the body’s reaction to too many stressors. So my opinion the root cause? “Fear” has stepped in and stolen the keys to our house. It has slithered in to stay and cause all manner of upset. Whether it’s small or large is irrelevant, it’s become an unwelcome house guest.

I’ve imagined myself sitting in front of “it” and grabbing it by the throat and giving it a good throttle. At other times, I shrink and feel myself flatting myself to stay low out of it’s sight. That ugly 4-letter word has gripped it’s bird-like claws into so many, I’m overwhelmed at how many are suffering. And at the manner in which that suffering has played out on them.

Image result for change fearAll I can think of is that I need to continue to shield by physical body with good habits. Sleep being the hardest one and the one I am most tardy at keeping in my schedule. Meditate to help relax and prepare my mind to be relaxed and refreshed. If needed, finding those skilled in coaching or energy sessions or other disciplines. Remember that even those who help others, need help from many diverse areas of Health Care (for lack of better words) for the Holistic, Scientific and Medical fields and those I may not have mentioned.

Here is where my “Fear of the Unknown” stops. Changes ahead, one step at a time.

…Change, she is coming….


4 thoughts on “Fear of the Unknown

  1. bethbyrnes

    I think fear is being promoted politically. It may not be right to say that here, but I really do believe it. The best way to keep people in line is to make them fearful and then dependent on someone who promises to protect them. It’s an old, effective ploy but it is eating away at the fiber of this society.

    As in most things, the antidote to any negative emotion is gratitude. Whether it is anger, or sadness or envy or fear, stopping to dwell on what we have, helps to dispel the cloud.

    In any case, I like your treatment of this topic.

    1. nimslake Post author

      Thanks Beth, always good to hear another viewpoint.

      Points of origin for the “fear”; I have no doubt come from many venues. And many we will never truly notice where it crept in from.
      Inundiation from Media, here-say, general paranoia and or paper source is not my original view, but you raise a valid point.
      (The layers that “it” is likened to, that flaky Baklava, has left a residue not easy to forget.)
      I’m afraid that the hardest thing to do is to fight to free yourself once you notice the bugger has the remote control.😠

      1. bethbyrnes

        Ah, yes. I see what you mean. So true! Life is complicated, isn’t it? And we don’t get an owner’s manual. One of my HS friends just this morning was commenting he was grateful to have a small stretch of calm and happiness in his life. Yikes!

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