This picture got me thinking

This picture I took back in February this year, with it’s foggy look early in the morning hours, got me thinking. It was taken in the Florida Panhandle, a place called Carillon Beach, near Panama City. I was going through my pictures and trying to make some kind of order aside from the timeline that I took them in. (Well that is going to be a long project.)
So the thinking part…well it was along the lines that when the season of Fall comes around it gets cooler, and fog sometimes is a part of it. Where I live now you don’t see the seasons change much and fog is almost unheard of. We long for cold snaps that the weatherman promises will pass through. Kind of like how a child longs for snow to fall so they don’t have to go to school for a day or two.

It brought to mind how I grew up as a kid in Virginia and how the days grew crisp. The leaves changed color and the skittering sound of wind blown leaves, already on the ground. Shorts and flip-flops were packed away and jeans and sweaters hold sway. And one of the fun times that I looked forward to was Halloween, with it’s spookiness, fog, frolic and fun.

Well, I leave you this picture that got through the cobwebs in my mind and got me thinking. Here’s to another change in the seasons, to the change it brings us all regardless of where we reside. Calling us back to remembered childhood fun.


6 thoughts on “This picture got me thinking

    1. nimslake Post author

      Thanks, for the like and comment! I’ve been through Beckley, Athens and Flat Top mountain areas, due to my father’s family live in that area. Pipestem is a beautiful park. Fog gets as thick as Irish stew out there. πŸ™‚

  1. bethbyrnes

    A lovely picture! It is amazing that you posted this today as I have a post ready for tomorrow talking about the change in seasons and how it makes me reflect on inner concerns. Your post is very nice and a good reminder that when the cooler, shorter days come, we can have permission to settle down and be quiet. πŸ˜€

    1. nimslake Post author

      Thanks Beth, we must be on the same vibe! But change doesn’t come with a big punch here, and it happened to coincide with me running through my pictures. Wonderful how pictures and weather can trigger memories. πŸ™‚
      Looking forward to your post. πŸ˜€
      Being quiet…lol! I have to wait until mid November for that. It will be a welcome moment.

  2. Jack Flacco

    The photo’s amazing, and the line “Kind of like how a child longs for snow to fall so they don’t have to go to school for a day or two” is equally as vivid! Isn’t this time of year awesome? It springs so many memories of childhood that I can’t get enough of it!

    1. nimslake Post author

      Thanks Jack. It is a beautiful time of year. We can reflect and slow down. We had a lovely cold front come through and that bite one needs so that Fall can be heralded in, was a welcome change here.
      I used to chase the swirling breezes that made the leaves dance! Here’s to childhood memories!


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