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Migraine my management

Migraines, they are a pain in the arse. They are, for most who suffer them, a great way to suddenly have war declared on bits and pieces of your neck and head. I included a picture of Tension and Migraine headache. I suffer the one on the right-side of the picture.

Tension vs Migraine

For me migraines are something to be cured as soon as possible. If they are caught in time they are ‘managed’ by homeopathic means. And I can function somewhat clumsily through a few days. When I don’t catch them in time, no amount of homeopathic methods will work, nor will my stronger over the counter choices of Advil, Aleve or Excedrin for migraines will kick the pain. Might as well be throwing M&M’s at me.

What kind of inkling do I get as a warning that a migraine is going to be hard on me? Sometimes I start to squint even when I wear my eyeglasses. Or I may smell things 10x’s stronger than they really are as the olfactory goes into overdrive. Hearing things gets harder as if you have ear muffs on, muffling sound. Nausea was great indicator but sometimes that can be false, because you could just be sick. Or I get nothing and BAM! game over before it’s begun.

Describing pain and symptoms is hard, and I’ll try that in another post. Although fellow blogger Emily gives a great rating system based on sound for her migraines. If interested, you can check her post out. Emily has migraines all the time. I only have my migraines last 3-5 days tops. I used to have them 2-3 times a month, now I have them once a month.

So my management used to be:

  • I tried upping the recommended dose of Advil, still the headache would blossom into fierce skull splitting migraines. (Headaches last a few hours, migraines last for days)
  • Aleve made its audience debut, tried it, great for body aches etc, but not migraines
  • Excedrin for Migraines, I popped them like candy and still they came, they conquered and I receded whimpering under covers.
  • I thought Guided Meditation would take them away. I used to go every week for a year. No, they still came pretty regularly. I eventually stopped going. Have not been to a meditation in year in a half. (Great for stress and anxiety relief which I did benefit from.)
  • Instead tried Yoga mantra chants. Thinking that this would be a lovely and stress management type of tool. Easy to learn and each class came with the chant on paper. No, they still came just as regularly.
  • Homeopathic migraine treatments. Most come in pill form that dissolve easily under the tongue. Wow, minor breakthrough! If caught early enough the pain was reduced. It didn’t go away entirely but it allowed me to function.
  • I still include cup of coffee for the caffeine, up the cups to 2 or 3 to do battle if necessary
  • Dark room if all else failed, lights off, no sound, head under pillows and buried under covers in bed

My management now:

  • I still use homeopathic remedies. Works the best and I rotate through a couple of different brands so that my body will not get used to one.
  • Ice pack wrapped in cloth applied to back of neck to alleviate stabbing pain (20 Min. on/off)
  • I still use coffee for the caffeine, sometimes it’s just enough to keep things in check
  • Learned Reiki levels I and II. This is so that I can help facilitate healing, in the hopes that my migraine will not get the best of me.
    • Have I had a complete cure with Reiki at this time? No
    • Have I had some relief with Reiki? Yes, someone applied Reiki to my head and neck and some relief was felt. (That’s how I was exposed to Reiki and how I started my journey in learning Reiki for myself.)
  • Dark room if all else fails, lights off, no sound, head under pillows and buried under covers in bed

Future management:

I’ll continue on with the existing treatments, they are working for the most part. Have I tried acupuncture? Not yet, although friends have given me pamphlets, names and recommendations about others who have felt relief and some who no longer suffer from them.

If I do go get acupuncture will update this blog and let you know the outcome. Until then, will work on explaining what my migraine symptoms are like. Maybe it’ll help others.

[Disclaimer:  No way is any of the above to be taken as ‘final proof’ in diagnosing migraines and treatment. Nor for remedies in getting relief. Seek professional opinions and go from there. I did and the above is what I do and is no way a prescribed way for others.]

4 thoughts on “Migraine my management”

    1. I have used fresh lemons in water, results in a bit of a lessening in pounding of the headache.
      I have used Hylands Allergy relief for when it’s been allergy related migraine. That was not helpful for me. But I did find it helped alleviate the pressure around my nose when pressure did build that was all.

      I have used feverfew, coconut oil and magnesium together to help cut the pounding in the head that occurs. That has helped me quite a bit to help keep the head from feeling like it’s going to explode.

      I have tried using Aura cacia brand lavender to help with head ache and the smell of peaches to stave off nausea. Peaches is hard to come by out of season, so I’ve used tea bags from Celestial Seasoning brand ‘Country Peach Passion’ and it works for me.
      I used Migraine Blocker by Source Naturals and got some relief to bring mist of my symptoms down to more manageable level about a 2-3 level. Which is at least functioning.
      I also have a recipe for migraine tea from a herbalist. It was not yummy tea but it helped keep my headache from getting above what I call level 5 not coping well level.
      I also use doTERRA roller ball of Past Tense to help with the ocipital lobes and gives a mental effect from the back of the neck. Because you start to get stressed out that the headache is there and building, helps to keep it down.
      I use Frankincense and Peppermint to catch it and stop it if possible.
      I have used 100% Magnesium by Pure Minerals and have rubbed it onto back of my neck to get it to stop. It has worked quite well for me. When I can’t wait for the magnesium pill to circulate.

      I feel as though I forgot one and will post if I remember it.

  1. Hope the above helps. I forgot, I don’t usually mix the tea with any other stuff until I know it won’t go away.

    And sometimes, the migraine has it’s own agenda and is just not going away. So you try different things just to keep the pain down.
    Many wishes on finding one or combo that helps.
    If you want the tea ingredients just let me know.

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