Crows in urban setting

An observance…random it may be.

Saturday morning was beautiful and while walking the dogs noticed that there were 3 crows flying and walking about. Mostly being chased back and forth across the 2-way street by some scrub jays.

American Crow

American Crow

As my boyfriend and I got closer noticed that one of the crows had something white and round in its beak. I thought nut or something plastic, but as I got closer to it noticed it was not round, but more oval. And with the birds squawking a lot my next thought was bird egg.

My boyfriend explained that not only were crows smart figuring out tasks but were great at having other birds raise or sit on their eggs. I saw the crow in the next minute go and bury the little bird egg in the ground. Made me sad but it made a lot of sense with all the scrub jays calling about and flying abruptly about.

Lately the crows I’ve seen, look to be nesting in urban areas. In all the time that I’ve lived here in south Florida I only saw one or two at a time in any one place. But this year they really are making an impression. Kind of makes me uncomfortable, I give them a long side-long glance as I walk by.  Especially for anyone who’s seen Hitchcock’s The Birds or even all the crows in the series (slight grimace) Resident Evil -Extinction. Don’t mistake my grimace for dislike of the movies. I love both, they are horror after all and meant to ‘creep’ you out a bit.


7 thoughts on “Crows in urban setting

  1. Jack Flacco

    We have crows in and around our town. They’re really great since they don’t do much other than sit on branches and stare. Kinda creepy, but cool, nonetheless. They’re kind of morbid-looking as well, which I’m sure fits their nature as the harbinger of death, but that’s another topic altogether different! BTW, love your photos, too! Great seeing green grass again after such a long winter!

    1. nimslake Post author

      Thank you, and totally agree with their stares. Kind of creep you out! Great topic for ‘harbinger of death’.
      Yes, grass was crunchy and brownish underfoot, now we are getting the rains making things green again. 🙂

  2. Love Kaye

    SO i have this thing with crows and ravens and i think that weird encounters with birds/animals, ect have different meaning person to person and it’s like they are speaking to you something but you have to interpret it within your own self. It’s about revealing what’s inside you i think. Often time i will see a crow with food in it’s mouth and suddenly will get invited to some lavish indian dinner right when i am totally broke. Other times they warn me of my fear and my own moods. Crows are resourceful so simply they may be just saying, “hey, be more resourceful or what are you being resourceful for”? Are you making room for positive creativity (and, what are you creating?, fear, ect. Most times though they are just being birds but when a bird is doing something strange maybe ask yourself, “what does this say TO ME”? Not what fear says. I find people are fearful of crows, hollywood has done a good job with that but all they are is birds trying to live! Again, find the interpretation inside you because it’s most likely more in-depth, multi-layered and personal to your own self than an scary omen or fear!! Create courage! 🙂 (this helps me too) Sorry for lonnnng post.

    1. nimslake Post author

      Hi Love Kaye.
      No worries about a long post. 🙂 Great observances regarding other things that crows can be a ‘harbinger’ of.

      Nothing wrong with turning the ‘scary’ part into a positive outlook and contemplative regarding inner outlooks!
      Thanks for the insightful post. 🙂


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