28 Mile Charity Ride

Excited to ride the longer route for 6th Annual Miracle Limb Ride. 28 miles, yeah! Not going to let a little rain dim my happiness!

Will let you know how it winds up weather-wise and other tid bits.

Post ride update:
Okay weather-wise, it stayed really cloudy and was sprinkling during the morning arrival and ride starts. The roads were definitely wet. But we missed the downpour that happened way later in the afternoon. Yeah bonus! Because the group doing the metric century had already gone, we missed seeing that start. The next group was the 42 milers and among cheers off they went. By far the largest group of riders were doing the 28 miles, including my boyfriend and myself. Had assorted levels and ages all eager to ride the road. The 10 mile and family rides would go out after us.

I was nervous, as a little sprinkling rain means that drivers in cars are not particularly paying attention to anything other than other cars. Riders were trying to stay together for the most part to be more visible. Secondly, rain means more traffic because the beach is not possible. So paying attention is numero uno on the road.

The weather finally stopped spitting on us and the roads started to dry. Dodging puddles and praying to the weather gods to not open up while still biking, was on my mind, because I had 15 miles to go. So far, so good. Doing well after first SAG stop, still no sight of rain imminent, we continued on. It was a beautiful ride as a slight breeze picked up and gave a wonderful shove to my slightly tired body. (Hey Stava recording says my speed average was up! Awesome.)
I was feeling the ride by 20 miles, that’s my base ride, so on to next SAG stop! Where M&Ms, Oreo cookies and much needed Gatorade and water awaited!

I was getting excited after that stop, because there was only 5 miles to go and the ride would be complete. It would be my personal best at 30 miles. And lunch was calling my name. Traffic was getting heavier as the day stayed gloomy. So still concerned as the group was more stung out now in pockets of 2’s and 3’s. Making it harder for drivers to see us.
But we managed every last traffic light. Thank goodness for bike paths for the majority and remainder of the ride!

I was so stoked that when I was told only half a mile to go that I actually pedaled faster! Helped with that breeze pushing from the behind (wink).

The Miracle Limbs Volunteers were cheering us when we finished. Thank you, that put a smile on my face! I was glad I finished for a great cause and can’t wait to see about challenging myself to do the 42mile ride next year. (Hey it’s only 12 more miles right?)

The featured recipient of our ride was little Florica and she was learning how to ride her bike Saturday for the first time. Go Florica! We were blessed with her sharing how the earthquake in Haiti changed her life. But even better how Miracle Limbs has blessed her and her family.
To find out more on this cause, little Florica and others, see Miracle Limbs website

P.S. lunch was great!


2 thoughts on “28 Mile Charity Ride

    1. nimslake Post author

      Thank you! Yes, lunch was yummy! And guacamole on spicy chips. Love guacamole. :-). Great with bits of bacon, to be a little naughty with calories


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