Symbols and Objects

Objects and Symbols have shown themselves in and around the auras. There are crescents, orbs, Angel wings, swords, pyramids and the list goes on. I’ve listed a few that I’ve encountered below.

Many are symbolic of what is going on in the aura or are a build up of what has happened and is still unresolved.


Symbols and Objects –

The Angel Wing indicates guardian Angel is with the person at the time of the drawing.

A sword is representing something that needs to be decided on and usually soon.

Pyramids and boxes are receptacles holding stuff for the owner until ready to purge them from their energy.

Orbs show that spirit guides are hovering around to help the person along their journey.

Crescents are shown mostly around the head and shoulder area. They are mostly hovering around the aura and do sometimes show up touching part of the aura.


3 thoughts on “Symbols and Objects

    1. nimslake Post author

      Yes, it does get exciting and sometimes I’m surprised by all the neat things that show up in the aura.

      Each aura is unique and so personal that many people I’ve met have used them to track where they are in there journey. And tracking what is energetically going on is important as many us the information to seek others who can assist them in energy healing and or chakra alignment s etc.

      It is great to hear when someone I’ve met comes back and tells how their appointment helped them get additional help and get them back on a path to wellness.

      I’d be interested in hearing what the fireworks have represented in the person’s aura. Do you know?


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