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Quick Hostess gift

Great for that “Little something” to give your Hostess. Nice thought and takes about half hour to put together with the supplies at hand. (Inspired by Martha Stewart project)

1- mason jar
2 – 3 bags of different candies
Ribbon – small gage, red or green
Ribbon – wide gage solid /no pattern
Small accent piece for jar (seasonal)
1 – battery powered Tea light
2-sided tape

Take the 2-sided tape and wrap around jar  where the large gage ribbon will sit over it.
Cut the larger ribbon just slighly longer than the circumference of the jar so you can fold over the long end for neat edge.
Take the small gage ribbon and tie around the middle of the big ribbon. This will anchor the ribbon. (maybe add an accent piece to the project).
Fill the jar half full of candies and top off with the Tea light. (should fit so lid can be screwed back on).
*modification – spray painted inner lid with sparkle ”Cherry Bomb” paint (found at craft store), for interest.
*modification – added gift tag for Hostess name

More photos: