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Books For Your Version of End of Days

I’ve read quite a few posts from fellow blogger:  Cristian Mihai. And the strength of the written word made was strong enough, it got some of my brain cells to function.

Many of us have read, posted, pondered and written different views of post-apocalypse type scenarios for ourselves. Myself included and still it is something that kind of fascinates. It must be a bit of occupation for my mind to ponder a scenario or two of ‘social decline’ and possible outcomes.

So about a month ago I was talking to a co-worker and we were talking about the show I like to watch, “The Walking Dead“. Think Zombie Apocalypse. And we talked about some apocalypse preparedness. Of course the normal things where to get water, food, things to start a fire etc.

But we thought about books. I thought since there is no electric anything. (Sorry ‘W.W.W.’ is toast!) If a person or group were to survive and each person could bring 3-5 books with them what would be the essentials? Remember you have to carry what you choose and including your supplies. So if your traveling alone you may have to very judicious about what you have on you.

So it’s that time in this post to ask this question.  What 3-5 books would you consider required essentials for sanity and survival? This doesn’t have to be serious, it can be fun. Post a group list if you choose. I’d love to see what comes up.

This will be also about getting some of us to read new books.

And to kick it off I’ll post my five:

1-copy of Farmer’s Almanac (Practical information)

2-Oxford Dictionary (For those signs that don’t make sense)

3-Basic Survivalist Guide (Get me out of tight spots)

4-“Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe” -Douglas Adams (To preserve sanity)

5- “The Complete Herb Book” – Maggie Stuckey (Identify, eat or use herbs correctly)

–>Hopefully some one in my group would carry the necessary “The Hobbit”, and the complete L.O.T.R. Trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien.  🙂

My co-worker offered up his 5. Enjoy!

“Here is my list of 5 books for the Poxyclipse:

Boy Scout Manual (So I can be prepared.)

Vegetable Gardening for Dummies (To counteract my brown thumb.)

“The Total Outdoorsman Manual” (Field & Stream) by T. Edward Nickens (Because a veggie only diet won’t cut it.)

Gutenberg bible (First printed book. Try to save some history, proof we aren’t just grunting hairless apes.)

Ender’s Game, Orson Scott Card (A book I can read and reread, over and over again.)”