Post- apocalypse, what happens to you?

Did you ever wonder what would happen to you if in a post-apocalypse you survived it to live on? Based on your personality type that you have now, do you believe you’d survive or die living up to what most would consider ‘dead ideals’?

I wonder myself. I’m a fan of the show “The Walking Dead
” and in a zombie Post-apocalypse setting I have a feeling I’d be one of the first wave to survive but die shortly afterwards. Due to my stubbornness initially getting me into trouble. That I’d be unwilling to change swift enough to aclimatize to the new way of living. Hence dying very soon after making it through the troubled time.

Anyone have any thoughts as to their type of post-apocalypse and if they’d survive based on their personality?
I’m not asking for truth, but think about it and let me know. It can be fantastic or as truthful as you want.

Looking forward to your posts.


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