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War between mind and emotions

Rational thoughts and Emotional thoughts…

There is always a war going on in my mind. (Aside: Does this mean that this is only in women or is this also in men?)

I don’t hope to make this a logical discourse, but just a sliver from my busy mind and how sometimes we are racked with the maelstroms that attacks us at random times in our life. I don’t have the answer to either this being atypically a woman’s or a man’s thing. So I’ll address just it being a ‘my’ thing.

Can I agree that I have this war between the horrible emotions type thoughts that propagate my mind and chase other ‘logical’ thoughts through a maze of guilt, incrimination, doubt and yes fear. Such an ugly thing ‘fear’.

In my mind I believe it is the dark nightmare, fear, that does the chasing. It move the pieces in my head in directions that it should not. Like a chess game without rules. I want to sleep but it comes awake in the darkness. In those hours where we cannot fight it. We are at our weakest and the chase begins.

The maze we walk called life is complex and filled with moments of joy, love, hope and peace. But it is those ‘in-between’ times that we live in fear of the emotional complications that make our logical minds tear at itself. Joy turns to grief, love into hate, hope into despair and peace into war.

We only want to survive and we mark our lives with in blocks of each. We hope to triumph over the the chaos that emotion does to our logical look on life. (Aside:  Well I hope to do so. To everyone else, I hope the best in your endeavor.)