… I read this and I wonder

I was reading from an e-zine that I belong to. In that e-zine I read a line that tweaked a cord in my soul.

“With all the changes happening in the world, many of us are
feeling the call to step up to our purpose. Some people call it life purpose, sacred purpose or soul purpose.”- Raven Lamourex-Dodd

What did I feel and what did it do?

I felt a shift in the reading of it. It is the written word of things that have been churning in my heart and soul. What the words do is give my churning energy purpose, to me, and meaning. Now I recognize it and can identify with it to move forward.

But how to move forward when the ‘feeling’ had no name.  Can I even name it. Some how starting out slow is the way to go.

Yet I feel the need to grab it, this unknown feeling,  and wrestle it to my will and do my bidding.

But it was waiting for me without being pushy.

It waited and hovered waiting for me to acknowledge it.

It waited and watched as I muddled through the wasteland.

It waited and when it was found, the energy was released with an almost unheard trumpet sound.

I barely heard that sound, but I did, and I stopped.

Ah, that purpose that waited with infinite patience for me; I have to be kind and not be the ‘Devourer’ and not understand the next path I must go. For I risk, once again, being the one that ‘is lost’.

…..maybe more later. Too much introspection can be too profound to understand.


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