Random Posts

Fear, why do you stalk me so?

Old nemesis, I shiver as I look over my shoulder.

Why, do you steal the little happiness that I have?

You insidious ‘Trickster’ from darkest history.

You come and plague me, again and again.

I have no weapon to slay you. I can only wound you and send you to your evil lair for a time.

The Ideas


In a quiet moment, gently into slumber we go.

Further into the darkness will my bravery travel, than I.

Frozen dreams float in the deepest part of the icy cave.

Shy bravery, seeking those diamonds untouched by feelings.

Only when feelings touch the dreams are they unleashed.

The bravery brings strength, passion and  grief.

The dreams slowly awaken, unfurl in our sleep.

Those dreams will flow to consciousness.

Some may gift a burden, others with joy.

The dream will travel with bravery in safety.

A dream, a gift, a piece of your self awakened.