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Underworld: Awakening; My Opinion

New movie, expectations…(kept to myself before seeing it).

This is my opinion and so regardless of critics… I liked the new movie.

-Still gritty, still dark and had just the same feel as previous movies. Except for the prequel(that was supposed to feel similar but different).

Seline is portrayed more as a vampire, with taking blood, taking out humans and lycans. Less of an immortal, and hardly explored…but maybe in another timeline(rhetorical thought). Who knows.

She is now more than just a death-dealer which I felt left her one dimensional in Underworld I. So without putting spoilers here, I leave you to frame your own opinions. Be they good bad or indifferent in regards to the continuation of Seline and the ‘new age’ of hybrids, vampires, lycans and immortals.


But there is a twist, and it leaves you thinking did they or didn’t they and how…