I am hollow inside.
I see the sun, but it does not warm me.
I see the stars, but they do not inspire me.
How I see the outside.

I hear the bell ring and it sounds miles away.
I hear a child’s cry and it is too far away.
I listen to the echoes fade to stillness.
Listen and hear the emptiness.

Feel the fraying stretch of an African plain.
See the far-reaching edge of savana grass.
Hear the savage shaying through the grass.
A sensory overload so plain.

So blinding, deafening, painful
All being is shattering, splintering
and in the end arcing in crystalline minuteness.
No more emptiness for echoes.

Copyright ©2006 Ann Marie Meadows


Fairy Ball


Dancing through the night
Under pale moonlight
Looking up at twinkling starlight.

Swaying to and fro
Twisting ’round on painted toe,
At the ball tonight.

Held under pale moonlight
Are dancing Elves and Sprites
Swaying to and fro
The Faery Ball is a glittering delight.

Sheltering by blooming hedges,
Eyes wide in wonderment.
Lights from the moon,
Show the earth folk at play.

In full swing with wonderous sounds,
Tinkling laughs and flashes of color,
The Fairy Ball is at it’s height.

But young eyes have had their fill,
Slumber becons and hails them still,
Gentle whispers lull sleep in,
Child of night is left a dreaming.

Of whimsy, beauty and song most bright.
Of dresses and food and The Folk at play.
A ray of sunlight brings the child awake,
Remembering swaying to and fro,
Fairies twisting ’round on painted toe,
At the ball last night.

Copyright ©2009 Ann Marie Meadows


Diamonds In The Sky

What would they call us,
A pin-prick in the sky?
One of many rotating around our big star.

What would they call us,
A diamond in the sky?
One of many rotating around our big sun.

How would they know we are even there?
When we rotate all around our sun,
And all our planets moving in our space,
How would they know us,
One of many in our space.

We are the only one that supports life
We are but one of many races
But how would they know this?
We are one of many in our space.

Would they see us the same in their night sky?
Would we be diamonds in their space?
What would our name be?
What would they call us,
How would they know us,
One of many in space.

Copyright © 2006 Ann Marie Meadows


Control of Despair

Head is hurting
Teeth are gritting
Pain inside and out

Can’t see the hurting
Can’t feel the grinding
Pain inside bursting at the seams

Reigning in the hurting
Biting down feel the grinding
Pain inside sliding out

Focusing and scared
Closed and impaired
Pain is strengthening
Tears are lengthening
Slowly beating its way out

Losing control
Fearing despair
Feeling the tears sliding
Exposure is here

Pinned under despairs hooves
Drowning in deep water
Torn apart, Broken heart taken

Copyright © 2006 Ann Marie Meadows


Broken Heart

A broken heart lies open,
Tears pour forth and emotions flow like rain.
An opening like a water main,
It flows and flows without slowing.

Broken heart why do you weep?
Is there a gate that can be closed?
What have sad eyes gazing without sight,
filled so with silent gems?

Love, love it aches.
Long and sore the chasm
Love and pain keep it open
Love and the heart will not close soon.

Copyright © 2010 Ann Marie Meadows
Dec 6, 2010, For Bella.


Amazon Queen

Amazon queen, I now listen and hear
how lilting and sweet your voice sounds.
You found me, crying in the dark, now I honor you and more.
My queen, you saw that I was taught strength and to believe.
You lifted my wretched soul, from bonds of slavery.
My fears were revealed
And stomped into the dust beneath my feet.
I grew to believe in me and in the sisterhood.
Now I know that I can stride free with Amazon grace.

Copyright © 2006 Ann Marie Meadows (Poetry.com)
Copyright © 2009 Ann Marie Meadows (Lulu.poetry.com)

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Music – inspiring the beast

…hours listening

Hoping for divine inspiration…RIGHT! No, twinges from that sector.

Back to the drawing or scribbling board. The muse has taken a long vacation and doesn’t look to be coming back anytime soon.


…will have to just review previous poems and see if there is one that needs to be ripped apart…(ah, the beast awakens…)



The Ideas

Beware of Poetry Scams

Ah the joys of finding out your beloved Poetry is gone. For Good and yes in most places Forever.
Lulu.com and Poetry.com are scams and even checked the websites. Since it’s been a long while for me without feeling creative and now I cannot find my original poetry. But I do have hard copies of my works. Thank goodness!

Note: Lulu.com seems to have turned into a publishing site. Poetry.com looks to be reinventing themselves similar to what I remember back in 2004-2006 when I used to belong. [My recommendation? Don’t go there, and if you have try to remove yourself if possible.]
Check out this website and some postings from poets who’ve found the error sooner than myself.